A House Divided Against Itself Can Not Stand

. . . Or can it?

1191423950The Middlebury Institute and the Second Vermont Republic are Northern secessionist organizations, and they have formed an unlikely alliance with the League of the South to hold a Secessionist Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Now that’s a convention we’d like to attend.

From the report:

They expect to attract supporters from California, Alaska and Hawaii, inviting anyone who wants to dissolve the Union so states can save themselves from an overbearing federal government.

If allowed to go their own way, New Englanders “probably would allow abortion and have gun control,” [League of the South president Michael] Hill said, while Southerners “would probably crack down on illegal immigration harder than it is being now.”

The affiliation of hippy-dippy Vermonters and Southerners is even more unusual considering rumors that the League of the South is a racist organization.

The League of the South says it is not racist, but proudly displays a Confederate Battle Flag on its banner. . . .

“What is remarkable and really astounding about this situation is we see people and institutions who are supposedly on the progressive left rubbing shoulders with bona fide white supremacists,” [director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project Mark] Potok said.

Well, that’s pretty damning. How does the Middlebury Institute explain that?

“They call everybody racists,” [Middlebury director Kirpatrick] Sale said. “There are, no doubt, racists in the League of the South, and there are, no doubt, racists everywhere.”

Vermont, we thought we knew you.