Don’t Break the Law. We Mean It This Time

1191420554Hey, did you know it was illegal to serve alcohol to someone who isn’t 21 or is so intoxicated he can’t stand up? You did? Well, so did we, but it seems Mayor Tom Menino thought Boston’s bars forgot the law during the playoff rush, so he’s issued a stern warning to local bars that they’d better not serve the baby-faced hooligans who get hammered for the playoffs.

From the Globe:

In a letter sent Monday to holders of liquor and entertainment licenses, Menino stated that he was “depending on your responsible actions to help stem instances of underage drinking and overservice of alcohol.”

Menino stated that he was particularly concerned about underage drinkers. “Exposure of underaged persons to alcohol at such events creates countless public health, safety, and order issues for the city and will not be tolerated,” he said.

It would be nice to us legal-age folks if this were enforced at all times. College kids get hammered and create “countless public health, safety, and order issues” on a weekly basis, Mayor. Hosing vomit out of your shrubberies is time-consuming and nasty, thus no one over the age of 25 wants to live in Allston.

Fear not, college kids. Your school will probably host some “alternate programming,” which is a nice way of saying “booze-free game viewing.” Good times and pretzels for all.