Fenway Madness, Or Afternoon Nap?

1191442159You’re stuck in your office, counting down the hours until you can leave your desk chair. Soon you will be grabbing your belongings as you head to your favorite watering hole or hi-def television to watch the Red Sox’s first playoff game. So are we. To help you get through the countdown we decided to check out Fenway. As you can see, it was wild.

Walking up Ipswich Street, a whole lot of nothing much was happening. On the patio at Jillian’s, a group of scalpers sat around, lazily calling, “Need tickets? Selling tickets?”

The patio at the Cask was filling up with people outfitted in every piece of Sox swag imaginable. A homeless man in camouflage spoke for everyone when he responded to the scalper’s cry with, “This is America. We got tits. We got tickets. We got everything.”

And with that, let the playoffs begin.