Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1191248323A bomb by any other name would smell like a cadaver: The MBTA disputes testimony by Sgt. Michael Flanagan of the T’s police union, that after the 2005 London subway bombings the MBTA had dogs patrolling the subway system that were trained to sniff cadavers, not bombs. []

Have they fired the ad agency that came up with these Fios ads yet? In a rant about the creepy kid in the Verizon Fios commercials, Soxaholix points out the Fios customers won’t have TBS in high-definition for the postseason. It seems we should all strive to be as uncool as Alex Beam. [fiber tech via Soxaholix]

Baseball playoffs inspire reflection: Red at Surviving Grady waxes poetic about what playoff baseball means to him. As poetic as a guy can get when dropping in a “muthafu@#er.” [Surviving Grady]

Baseball playoffs inspire capitalism: You want tickets to tonight’s game at Fenway? You’re going to need between $125 and $2,000. The president of Ace Ticket says that’s a bargain. We say he sucks. []

Now that’s client care: An attorney on his way to visit clients at MCI-Cedar Junction in Walpole was arrested after a guard found a “powdery substance” that was later deemed to be heroin. The lawyer’s lawyer says he’s innocent. []