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1191524030Not quite the cliffhanger we’d hoped for: In a twist of fate that surprised no one, Jerry Remy is President of Red Sox Nation. His prizes? Tickets to 10 games next year, a ceremonial first pitch before a game, and a press credential. Essentially, Remy won his own job. Yawn. [WCVB]

The News Station fights for its right to a story: WHDH has appealed Suffolk Superior Court Judge Merita Hopkins’ ruling that the station could not air a story about the toxicology reports of the two firefighters who died in West Roxbury. We’re just surprised the station that reports on tarting yourself up is at the center of a First Amendment issue. [ via Universal Hub]

Our kids are wicked smart: MCAS scores are on the rise, especially in urban areas. Good job, kids. [WBZ]

High-stakes gambling is already popular in Massachusetts: Billion Dollar Blockbuster, the $20 lottery ticket we wasted our lunch money on, has proven immensely popular in its first week. Maybe we got a bum ticket? [Herald]

Who says bloggers aren’t attractive? Gabe Kapler is blogging the post-season on We hope this is actually him writing since he had us with his description of how Kevin Youkilis felt after his home run last night. “The feeling is kind of like throwing up after feeling nauseous for a while. It’s relief. Intense relief!” It’s gross, but it makes sense. [Kapler’s corner]