Welcome to the Label-Loving Side

1191519431It happens so slowly. You go to high-end stores, just to see what the big deal is, and you start to fall in love. You watch so many episodes of Sex and the City that you go from deriding Carrie for spending all her money on designer shoes, to wondering how they would feel on your feet. You start going to department stores during their sales instead of waiting for the merchandise to arrive at Filene’s Basement. If you’re like Emily McCavanagh, the lust for high-end strollers gets you.

You become a label snob. Welcome to our world.

We here at Boston Daily and Boston magazine take a lot of flack for our high-end tastes, but we’re not the only ones who love the finer things. In today’s Style and Arts section of the Globe, new mother McCavanagh relates how she dreaded becoming a designer-stroller pushing drone.

“They had this look: iPods and big sunglasses on, coffee in one hand, pushing a brightly colored $800 Bugaboo stroller with the other,” said McCavanagh, 35, of Charlestown. “I used to make fun of them.”

Of course, there wouldn’t have been a story if McCavanagh had decided to stick with a Graco. Instead, she bought a $450 Bob stroller. After initially justifying the price tag as an investment, (Cross-promotion alert! The strollers are expensive for a reason. Let us break it down for you) McCavanagh admits how much she loves the envious stares from other mothers.

Now she pushes her 8-month-old daughter Sylvie around town with pride and admits she gets a bit of a rush when envious parents approach her, inquiring about the stroller, reaching out to touch it.

“Some days, I can’t help thinking: ‘Oh no, I’ve become one of them,’ ” she said.

You have indeed, Emily. Welcome to the club.