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1191500761Most relaxing playoff game ever: Thanks, Josh Beckett. [Globe, Herald]

Under the influence: Autopsies for the two firefighters who died in a West Roxbury fire show Paul Cahill had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit and Warren Payne had traces of marijuana and cocaine in his bloodstream. [Herald]

NIMBYism ahoy: The Patrick administration has revealed that voters must approve a binding resolution to allow casinos in their town before a developer can bid on a casino license. Good luck with that, casino developers. [Globe]

Drastic measures: People are so fed up with MBTA’s high fares they’re resorted to walking. MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas remains confident the protesters will come running back to the overpriced and often unreliable service. [Herald]

Their bad: Social Security numbers for 450,000 licensed professionals was mistakenly released by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure. If you’re a licensed professional, you may want to call your credit card companies now. [Globe]