James Wolcott has a long, dubiously funny, and often belabored column in Vanity Fair this month about how the remainder of the Bush presidency should be turned into a reality show (because, honestly, what the hell else are we going to do with it?). For all its problems, however, the piece does contain a devastating non sequitur groin punch on Mitt Romney that practically redeems the whole thing:

Candidate Romney would no doubt consider even the bare hint of such a proposal beneath his dignity, having expressed similar disdain regarding the YouTube-formatted debate on CNN, where the Democratic contestants were quizzed by, among others, a citizen pretending to be the voice of a snowman. “I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman,” huffed Romney. Oh you do, do you? He and his fellow Republicans need to get over their fine selves, let go of their death grip on standard operating procedure. Genuflecting before the Reverend Pat Robertson; doing a Stepin Fetchit before Focus on the Family chairman James Dobson (yessboss!); backpedaling on every moderate, sensible position you’ve ever held on abortion, capital punishment, illegal immigration, gun control, and the Confederate flag; going maudlin about embryonic stem cells as if you knew each one personally—these aren’t beneath your dignity but you draw the line at a talking snowman?

He’s sort of got you on that one, Mittster.