The Week That Was

1191010506Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (We Don’t Have Columbus Day Off edition).

We spent a lot of time thinking about the Weekly Dig: First, we spoke with president/publisher/ (and now) editor Jeff Lawrence, and then we tried to figure out what they should do next.

A pair of gambling stories: Boston’s loss is New Hampshire’s gain? Delaware North want a piece of the action.

Nobody looks good here: Intoxicated firefighters, a history of substance abuse problems within the fire department, a suspicious ruling from a judge. It’s a bad week.


We asked, she kind of answered: Questions with Mila, the Top Model contestant who got bounced.


He fought the Pike Authority and the Pike Authority won: Well not yet, but Deval Patrick picks up the battle from Mitt Romney for a unified transportation authority, and the cash-strapped monolith shrugs.

The Guardian Angels are still here: And they’re recruiting over-caffeinated hipsters.


Globe columnist says he’s not cool: Who are we to disagree?

We told you that wasn’t Whitey: The Yankee hat should have given it away.


Wrapping up the Sox Game 1: Two words: Josh Beckett.

Man gets bad grade, contemplates lawsuit: It really has come to this, hasn’t it?

Man gets incarcerated, sues Pats for $5 million: Claims Tom Brady implanted a listening device in Donovan McNabb’s Chunky soup. What, like Belichick wouldn’t try it?


Yankee fans always take the high road: Right.

So then Jay’s like, ‘Oh no you didn’t,’ and then Emily’s like, ‘Whatever’: Media cat fight! Good times.