Please Don’t Be My Neighbor

1191866183City living isn’t always easy. Yes, there are the conveniences like taxis and curbside trash pickup, but there are also the annoyances. Like your neighbors. It used to be that if you had a problem with your neighbor, you knocked on his door and talked to him about it. But in these confrontation-averse times, there’s a website you can use to anonymously broadcast complaints about your pesky neighbors.

Channel 5 reports on

So is it a useful tool for homebuyers scouting new neighborhoods, or an invasion of privacy, or an admission of cowardice? Anyone thinking of moving next door is just a keystroke away from finding out about it. You start by typing in a ZIP code.

“A Google map comes up, and you can zoom down to your house to see if there are any markers of rotten neighbors nearby,” creator Brant Walker said.

We decided to give it a shot. The site is still in its infancy–but it seems there are some people who don’t like their neighbors around here.

In Roxbury, “A Gardener” complains about a tomato-stealing brothel:

these girls are constantly drunk and partying and disrupting the neighborhood! stop stealing my tomatos!!

“Paxton” complains about a pretty blonde, also in Roxbury:

you’re a pretty blonde, slim and gorgeous. hey, i’d come on to you if i weren’t gay. you probably have the world handed to you like most pretty women. is that why you think that you are too good to pick up after your dog?. . .

The forum has also become popular for complaining about condo construction:

What An Ass, We Used to Have A Great View of the Trains and the Stadium, now we got a HUGE CONDO in front of our view. Thanks. . .

This is what happens when you give the power to complain to the masses; it becomes petty name calling about grievances that could probably be solved with simple human contact and a civil conversation.