Townie Town Hall

Not every item of note can make it into Boston’s big dailies. We scoured the local papers to keep you up-to-date.

1191858628Paging Dr. Google: Doctors at Newton-Wellesley Hospital are excited about the arrival of Isabel, a system that allows doctors to search medical journals and texts to come up with potential diagnoses for patients. Isn’t this called WebMD? [Daily News Tribune]

That’ll put a dent in profits: Some Brookline merchants are upset that they haven’t received special parking permits that will allow employees to park for more than two hours. The town says it’s rush-ordering more permits, and hopes to have the permits ready for all commercial areas soon. [Brookline Tab]

Do the ramblings of drunk people count as “everyday art”? Central Square hosts ArtsCentral, “a street festival that explores the everyday art present in Central Square” this weekend. We do enjoy the brand of theater that people-watching in that area provides, but it usually doesn’t cost $10. [Cambridge Chronicle]

What would you do if elected Alderman-At-Large? Fred Berman would reform the street sweeping regulations around his granddaughter’s school to save people the $50 fine. Sounds good to us. [Somerville Journal]

A sucker born every minute: A woman from Wareham accosted an undercover cop in the South End and asked him if he was a cop. After he told her no, she got in the car and offered oral sex for $40, and was subsequently arrested. [South End News, second item]