KG Opens for Elliott Yamin?

1191952484As long time readers of ours know, we love us some American Idol. So long as you like your music with product-placed cars and soda, and don’t mind developing slavish devotion to amateur entertainers. Plus, it sends its stars to such noted music festivals as the Big E.

And now, Idol is breaking into a new frontier. After the Celtics game on November 7th, you are going to be rocked, and we don’t mean by Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

No, you will be ROCKED… to sleep by the dulcet adult-contemporary tones of Elliott Yamin.

The American Idol Season 5 contestant got flack for boring the judges during his performances, but Yamin has been successful in his post-Idol days. You may have heard his slow ballad, “Wait for You” on the radio station your dentist’s office plays. With this new Celtics promotion, you can experience Yamin’s music without the copay.

From the press release:

As part of the Verizon Wireless Concert Series, chart-topping artist Elliott Yamin will perform a special concert immediately following the Celtics vs. Denver Nuggets game on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 at the TD Banknorth Garden. This unique performance is the first of three post-game concerts presented by Verizon Wireless this season.

This isn’t the first time the Celtics have hosted post-game concerts. Pop-rockers The All-American Rejects and R&B star Chris Brown played after games last year, but it’s still kind of funny to imagine kids hanging around with their “Sing it like Yamin it!!” puffy-paint signs waiting for those pesky basketball players clear the parquet.

It truly is a brave new world. You think Red Auerbach would have ever let this happen?