Suzyn Waldman Reaches New Low

Not to pile on the Yankees and their fans today (OK that’s exactly what we’re doing), but have you heard the audio of WCBS’ Suzyn Waldman crying after they were eliminated? It is, in a word, awesome. (Via Awful Announcing).

For those of you unfamiliar with Ms. Waldman’s, uh, work, she has a long history of Yankee homerism, first as a “reporter” for WFAN and then as a trusted sidekick to play-by-play wakco John Sterling. It’s truly the best comedy team since Mork and Mindy.

Waldman is best-known for her epic on-air shrieks of delight after the “shocking” news that Roger Clemens was going to pitch for the Yankees again for a huge pile of dough. This was funny on a number of levels, not the least being that everyone in the free world already knew that Clemens was coming back and the only question was, “How much?”

Years ago, when Waldman was covering the Yankees for the ‘FAN, she went on a 15-minute diatribe against Clemens, claiming that he was a headhunter, and a well-known hothead. His crime? Clemens had thrown at the head of Wade Boggs, who was in his first year as a Yankee.

Things sure do change when you put on the pinstripes.