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1191932672Just in time for Halloween: The City of Boston will launch a website this week where hungry people can view the inspection report for their favorite restaurant. The article lists some of the recent findings to whet your appetite for grossness. [Herald]

Does America have that many books about hockey? Since the American dollar and the Canadian dollar are equal in value, the Canadians are crossing the border to buy goods with their strong money, including books. [Globe]

Cue Mission Impossible theme: The state is still missing one of the disks that has the Social Security information of licensed professionals. It “definitely has the disk” with CPA information on it, so they’re fine. It’s just the nursing home administrators who are screwed. [Herald]

Warm and fuzzy Hillary Clinton: People are warming up to the infamously frosty Hillary Clinton, whose strategy to focus more on individual voters seems to be working in New Hampshire. [Globe]