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1192019706Surely we’ve got another $2 billion around here somewhere: Governor Deval Patrick wants to spend $2 billion over the next decade to improve the infrastructure of the state’s colleges and universities. That he wants everyone to attend for free. Pretty ambitious stuff, Governor. [Globe]

Rigging up the lights: Other than repairs, what does the Tobin Bridge need? To be lit up like a Christmas tree! [Herald]

Your kid’s new teacher has probably been fingerprinted: Teachers are surprised when they show up for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure and get fingerprinted. The Department of Education says some candidates sent in a ringer to take the tests for them and the prints keep everyone honest. [Globe]

You should try paying rent: Nightly rates for Boston’s hotel rooms are rising to levels not since since the early part of this decade, forcing some tourists to stay in the ‘burbs to save their money for clothes. [Herald]