The Mellow Jams of T Radio

1192117265Collecting one’s thoughts isn’t easy to do in our city. There’s always someone near you whose iPod is too loud, a herd of teenagers shrieking, or televisions in the grocery store that blare ads while you try to shop. For many of us, T platforms were places that, while not necessarily quiet, gave us a place to tune out and think.

We’re all going to have to find another place to reflect, because the MBTA has ushered in the newest form of urban aural torture–T Radio.

The new radio station made its debut yesterday at North Station, South Station, and Airport Station. What can you expect to hear while you wait for your train?

T-Radio entertainment, information and news features Boston-based celebrities and sports figures in 30 and 60-second segments designed for people on the go. Contributors include Boston comedian and television actor, Lenny Clarke, former Boston Bruin, Lyndon Byers, entertainment reporter Joyce Kulhawik of WBZ-TV4, and an array of Boston radio personalities and media figures. . . .

The music covers many genres: Rock, R&B, Top 40, pop hits, Latin chart toppers, and mainstream crowd pleasers.

Mainstream crowd pleasers? Ugh.

When we got off at North Station, we could already hear an advertisement for Taco Bell. Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around. . . ” started to play, and once JT’s song was over, Lenny Clarke came on and told us we were listening to T Radio. Thanks, Lenny.

Then a perky woman who identified herself as “Lotto Lisa” read the daily numbers and wrapped her segment with a forceful “Ching Ching!” Next, a T safety announcement came on in Spanish. Finally, an ad for the Globe’s Patriots coverage came on, and we returned to the music with Elton John’s “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues.” Indeed, Elton. Indeed.