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1192106562The devil’s in the details: Governor Deval Patrick will file his casino legislation today, which proposes a seven-member panel that will oversee the casinos. The plan is already drawing criticism from Treasurer Tim Cahill since it puts him in the unsavory position of regulating both the state lottery and casinos. [Globe]

Massachusetts values at work: The Public Health Council unanimously voted to repeal former governor Mitt Romney’s limits on out-of-state stem cell lines. The old limits could have resulted in legal charges for scientists using the cells in research. [Globe]

Don Henley likes Niki Tsongas: Democratic candidate Niki Tsongas has raised twice as much cash as her Republican opponent Jim Ogonowski by receiving donations from such luminaries as Don Henley, the owner of Legal Seafoods, and a mystery author. Who supports Jim Ogonowski? Retirees and airline workers. [Herald]

As does the Herald: Citing her work in the 5th Congressional District before and after her husband died, the Herald endorses Niki Tsongas for Congress. (The Globe endorsed Tsongas on Tuesday.) [Herald]