An LA Momma in Boston

1192196646The super-cool Skye Hoppus was at District last night and Boston Daily was right there with her. The LA-based clothing designer and author, was at the club to sign copies of Rock Star Momma, a guide to maintaining personal style during pregnancy. Personal style is something the wife of Blink 182 guitarist Mark Hoppus has in spades, as well as a great sense of humor.

Skye’s mother and a friend sat in a white leather booth while she worked the bar, mingling with the mostly-pregnant crowd. Two 14-year-old girls from Billerica told her that they sing and play guitar, and they would love it if Mark would listen to their music. Skye graciously encouraged the girls, and said that her husband does listen to fan demos. A few other young kids were in attendance, one of whom ran in and loudly declared, “I want to meet the mayor!”

The boy got his chance as Mayor Tom Menino swept in to tout Read Boston, a program that aims to have children reading at grade level by the third grade. The mayor told the room that he enjoyed Rock Star Momma, and that while women complain about looking horrible while pregnant, he thinks they “sparkle.”

Skye chatted with Menino before he left, so we asked her if she understood the notorious mumbler. She smiled.

“I did,” she replied proudly. “Every word. I learned when I was on the road with Blink-182 that you have to watch people’s mouths to get what they’re saying.”

Yet another helpful hint from Skye Hoppus.