The Week That Was

1192108303Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (We’re Not Leaving Our Couch This Weekend Because We Have HD edition).

Tom Brady, Renaissance man: Name another Stetson Man, with his own line of designer watches, and a 128.7 quarterback rating.

The casino issue will not go away: But as the politics heat up, a question lingers: Is all the fuss necessary?

Glen “Big Baby” Davis: Comic Genius.

Like a jackhammer in our brains: It’s T Radio!


Is the third time the charm? Keith Lockhart gets his wedding groove on again, but we wouldn’t want to run into the jilted-ex. Or his sister.

And on the issue of medical marijuana: Mitt Romney passes the dutchie on the left-hand side.


Thaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees lose: And their announcer makes an idiot out of herself.

Man, you American Idol people have no sense of humor: Just like Yankee fans.

9-1-1 ain’t no joke in this town: So stop f#&*ing swearing.


You gotta fight, for your right, to paaaaaar-taaaaay!: Harvard kids. Saving the world, one bottle of Absolut at a time.


Ron Paul supporters do not mess around: They’re right up there with American Idol fans and Yankee supporters in lacking the comedy gene, though.


Hanging with Skye Hoppus: One hip Momma.

Breaking down that other big game: Seriously: Six percent of people in Dallas voted for Gonzalez for congress? They’ll vote for anybody down there.