Tom Brady: Stetson Man

1192210978Tom Brady is a busy man. The quarterback of the 5-0 New England Patriots, part-time father, and watch designer has another modeling gig. Instead of cuddling goats or modeling designer suits, Number 12 is rocking the shearling-coat and dirty jeans style for Stetson Cologne.

Brady is an interesting choice for Stetson. His fashion sense is slightly more metrosexual than the company’s preferred style of Old West masculinity as portrayed by former models like Matthew McConaughey. It’s also surprising that the company allowed him to be the first model in the company’s history to not wear the iconic cowboy hat.

Perhaps the answer lies in the company’s description on its website:

Today, the name Stetson embodies the authentic heritage and spirit of the American West. It’s individuality that can never be tamed or fenced in. Authentic style that telegraphs who you are without saying a word. And confidence that comes from knowing there’s nothing you can’t handle.

Tom Brady apologists like us will say that his quarterbacking style illustrates “confidence that comes from knowing there’s nothing [he] can’t handle,” while Brady haters will relate more with the “individuality that can never be tamed,” even in the face of fatherhood, or the Stetson tradition of wearing a cowboy hat in the company’s ads.

For the haters, here are With Leather’s comical interpretation of the ads. As for us, we’ll be staring at those pictures until our eyes bleed. We take Tom Brady’s modeling any way we can get it.