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1192193120We’re so dead: That stale sitcom plot in which the parents go away and leave the kids unsupervised only to return and find they broke something valuable has a new twist in the Back Bay. The MBTA is the teenager who broke a granite bench outside the Boston Public Library, and the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay is the angry parent. The MBTA says it will spend its allowance to fix the cracked bench and that it won’t happen again. [Globe]

Not comforting: A 2001 policy shift allows firefighters without leadership training to be left in charge of a firehouse if an officer is absent. Mayor Menino says Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser is improving training, but there’s more to be done. [Herald]

Check your math: The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority found that the proposed toll hike will raise approximately $6 million more than originally expected after an internal review of the numbers provided by traffic consultant URS. Board members may reconsider how much they’ll increase tolls. [Globe]

Mr. Henry, tear down this mansion: Red Sox owner John Henry is getting ready to file suit if the town of Brookline orders a stay in the demolition of the 1930s mansion he recently purchased for $16 million. Shouldn’t he be busy fretting over the playoffs like the rest of us? [Herald]