What’s News

Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers. (The Herald’s website is being stubborn so there’s no art edition.)

Let Loveman count the ways: News that the current chief executive of Harrah’s likes casinos is not exactly a revelation. Gary Loveman tells the Herald why we should all drink the casino Kool-Aid. [Herald]

5-1-1, what’s your traffic situation? Massachusetts will soon have a new number to get updates on traffic backups. 511 will give drivers up-to-the-minute traffic updates, so now you’ll know exactly how badly you’ll want to kill yourself by the time you get to your destination. [Globe]

Only one more day of sitting in diners: Jim Ogonowski and Niki Tsongas are politicking in earnest to get out the vote for tomorrow’s 5th Congressional District election. Each candidate’s message remains the same– Ogonowski loves America, Tsongas wants to end the war in Iraq. [Herald]

Bailout: Governor Deval Patrick will reveal his plan to encourage mortgage companies to take a loss on loans that are in danger of foreclosure today. If the Governor allowed Harrah’s to install slot machines inside the homes in danger of foreclosure and sent the proceeds to the lenders everyone would win! [Globe]