Checking In With Peter Gammons

For a while, Boston Daily thought it was the only one who didn’t want to pitch Josh Beckett tonight. When we went to the gym at lunchtime, John Kruk and the rest of the Baseball Tonight yahoos were on TV calling for Tito’s head. Like a lot of people, Kruk and Co. think sticking with Tim Wakefield for Game 4 in Cleveland this evening is a bad idea.

We just got off the phone with Boston’s favorite son and baseball analyst Peter Gammons. Seems he doesn’t quite agree with his ESPN colleagues.

Drop some knowledge on us, Pete:

“Of the last 42 times teams have run a pitcher out there on three days rest, only 13 have resulted in wins,” Gammons says, employing his freakish, encyclopedic baseball knowledge. “Look, Wakefield has to pitch some time. And I think they’re better off throwing him tonight. It would be different if the series was 3-1, but it’s 2-1. Right now, their best chance to win is with Beckett and [Curt] Schilling at full strength.”

Of course, it might not matter. Gammons says it’s currently raining in Cleveland.

Honestly, what doesn’t the man know?