We’re Gonna Miss Those Crazy Kids

What a long, strange trip it’s been. And it’s nearly over. Today, the special election to fill the 5th Congressional District seat vacated by Rep. Marty Meehan (D-Lowell) comes to a close. It’s Republican Jim Ogonowski versus Democrat Niki Tsongas — winner heads to Washington while the vanquished decamps to Losertown.

And we have to be honest (because that’s what we do here at Boston Daily): We’re totally bummed that this race is finished. We haven’t been this entertained since Tom Reilly was on the campaign trail.

It’s been a nasty, heated race to be sure — especially in the final weeks when both candidates began airing serious, intense television ads designed to KO their opponent before today’s election. Of course, those ads were just the finishing touches on what’s been a headline-grabbing campaign.

There was the 9/11 flap, in which Ogonowski—whose brother, an airline pilot, died that fateful day—wasn’t invited to speak at the state house ceremony, even though he’d done so the past four years. And, more recently, there was the incident in which former U.S. Representative and Tsongas supporter Chet Atkins practically called Ogonowski a racist for his stance on immigration. Not wanting to stop there, Atkins added that Ogonowski had “tarnished” his brother’s legacy.

Good times.

Our favorite moment, though, came courtesy of last week’s Globe story about Tsongas and her wee piggies. (Her feet, we mean.) Here’s how the piece began:

Before stepping up on a chair to address a gathering in Acton the other night, Niki Tsongas pulled off her black heels for balance, revealing swollen feet. Her red nail polish was chipped and faded, and her toes were taped with Band-Aids.

So gross. So awesome.

What a pity that it’s over.