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1192538572Cleveland leads ALCS: D’oh. [Globe, Herald]

Is there any problem cake can’t fix? A Boston police officer and a Madison Park Technical Vocational High School student spent time together last week to better understand each other. The high school student’s friends didn’t trust the cop at first, but after he made a “mad sweet” lemon cake all the enmity was forgotten. [Globe]

Somebody rule so we don’t have to listen to this anymore: Judge Allan van Gestel may rule as early as today on whether Howie Carr’s contract with WRKO is void. Whatever, we’ve got Virtual Howie to keep us happy for now. [Herald]

Political lessons from Aesop: Isn’t there a fable about frittering away your summer and then having nothing saved for the crucial January primaries? If so, someone should email it to Mitt Romney, who has less cash available than Rudy Giuliani entering primary season. [Globe]

They’re not gonna take it: Harvard undergrads have refused to stop using the university’s money to buy alcohol for functions. Instead of telling the spoiled brats that they won’t buy booze for minors, the college hopes to “negotiate” with students. Just shut off the money supply, Harvard. Once students lose the free food at functions, they won’t miss the booze so much. [Herald]