Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1192647330We hate when mommy and daddy fight: Governor Deval Patrick stopped by State Treasurer Tim Cahill’s office unannounced today to talk after he dragged Patrick through the mud in today’s papers. What happened? “…[T]he pair agreed to communicate more.” Aww. []

When life resembles Top Model: An Abington high school football player has been diagnosed with impetigo, a drug-resistant staph infection that leads to blisters. The disease came to prominence when ANTM contestant Michelle came down with it in Cycle 4. [WBZ]

That’s baseball: Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort wants to play the Red Sox in the World Series. He still seems pissed that the Red Sox backed out of a trade a few years ago. Why so sore, Dick? Things seem to have worked out well for you. [Denver Post]

Harbinger of the apocalypse? Lynne Cheney has found that Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential candidate Barack Obama are eighth cousins. The Obama campaign’s response? “Every family has a black sheep.” [WCVB]

At least it wasn’t the tunnel crashing into the cars, right? A crash in the Tip O’Neill tunnel this morning sent four people to the hospital. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you about 511, a number you can call to get travel information and avoid nightmarish backups like the one this morning. []