Stay Classy, Cleveland

1192729418Word has filtered out that the national anthem singer for tonight’s ALCS Game 5 is none other than Danielle Peck. Who is Danielle Peck, you may ask? For starters, she’s a country singer (oh goody), but upon closer inspection she also happens to be the ex-girl friend of one Josh Beckett, tonight’s Game 5 starter.

The Indians swear that is just a coincidence. Right, sure.

“It’s an incredible coincidence. Honestly,” said Indians spokesman Bob DiBiasio. “This isn’t another bug thing.”

Wait, so the bugs weren’t a coincidence? Does this mean the Indians succeeded in what so many of us have wanted to do for so long, which is send a plague of locusts (or in this case, midges) to descend upon the Yankees? So confused.

To be fair, if you were to eliminate potential anthem singers based on whether they dated athletes at one point, you would probably be left with a very short list, and it certainly wouldn’t include anyone who has been nominated for a country music award.

But this is a really dumb idea by the Indians PR team. It reeks of over-confidence and smugness, and as Bostonians, we can tell you all about that. There’s a sentiment out there that this will somehow affect Beckett, which is dubious when you consider the number of insanely hot women he has dated over the years, including Alyssa Milano and Leeann Tweeden.

No, somehow, this will all come back on the Indians. Stunts like this always do.