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1192710851Movin’ on up: Boston University has a $1.8 billion plan to expand its campus and bring in highly-paid professors to improve its standing in the US News & World Reports college rankings. Get ready for an influx of girls with bad highlights and guys who wear too much Axe body spray. [Globe]

Even the rent for your cubicle is more expensive: The subprime mortgage implosion has started to affect commercial real estate in the city, causing financing for new developments to be put on hold and prices to drop. Don’t get your hopes up for that office you wanted. [Herald]

That’s some major red tape: A monument to Ezekiel W. Hodsdon, the first Boston cop to be killed in the line of duty, will be unveiled today in Eastie. The Armenian Heritage Foundation may have to wait a long time for its memorial on the Greenway if it took 150 years for Mr. Hodsdon’s. [Globe]

It was his instinct: The Herald found several quotes taken from various newspapers that aren’t properly attributed in Jon Keller’s new book The Bluest State. Keller claims his editor told him that footnotes weren’t necessary. This is a lesson for the kids out there– when in doubt, add a citation. [Herald]