48 Hours of Freedom

It’s the weekend. You can spend it drinking until 2 a.m. and sleeping until noon, or you can drag yourself out of bed and enjoy it. Here are some suggestions for your precious two days of total freedom, prepared for you by Boston Daily.

1192809527 If They Might Be Giants plays “Fritalian” tonight, we’re leaving. But if they skip the annoying and chronically catchy Dunkin Donuts spots, we’ll enjoy their gig at the Roxy.

Now that it’s October, it’s time to trade in summer’s light makeup for bolder colors. Gretta Luxe and Gretta Cole host a beauty event where professional makeup artists will guide you through this season’s must-have cosmetics.

If you see a large man mumbling on a bicycle, it’s probably new bike enthusiast Tom Menino heading to the Boston Bike Film Festival, a celebration of movies featuring, well, bikes.

It’s Friday night–let the sparkling wine go to your head and sleep in tomorrow. Bubbly Bar Fridays offers wine aficionados a selection of bubbly to sip as they forget the stress of the work week.

If the idea of next weekend’s Halloween throngs scares you away from the area’s spooky festivals and attractions, why not frighten yourself this weekend instead? Spooky World is the indoor option, with six attractions under the roof of the Bayside Expo Center.

For a more authentic experience, Gloucester’s Castle of the Damned is a tour of Hammond Castle and its grounds, complete with gory displays. Unless you’re willing to pay some big therapy bills, leave the small ones at home.

If you like to get your thrills at the movie theater, you can head south. The Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival has 43 of the world’s scariest independent movies at various theaters around the Ocean State.

If you show a man a ghost, he’s spooked for a day. Teach a man to find his own ghosts, and he’s spooked for a lifetime. Spectral Evidence: Ghost Hunting 101 is a course taught by radio personality and ghost hunting expert Ron Kolek. After he teaches you how to seek spectres, you’ll be set loose on the haunted Hawthorne Hotel.

The Head of the Charles Regatta will give us respite from either our panic or our soul-crushing disappointment about the ALCS. Cheer on the rowers from around the world as they paddle through our dirty water, and deal with the Sox later.

The Boston Ballet opens its season with La Sylphide, a ballet first staged in 1836 that celebrates ideal love.

Fort Point Open Studios features the work of more than 200 artists who work in the area, and are probably hoping their workspaces won’t be turned into office space.

Nobody loves one-stop-shopping more than a bride-to-be. The Great Bridal Expo offers options for everything, from the cake to the honeymoon, at the Westin Copley Place.

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