What’s News

Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers. The Herald’s website continues to be problematic, so no art today.

Danielle who? The Red Sox live to give fans heart palpitations another day by beating the Indians 7-1 last night. Cleveland leads the ALCS 3-2. [Globe, Herald]

Where will college girls buy overpriced clothes now? JasmineSola will be closed by its parent company by the end of the 4th quarter. We’re not too sad about this– that store makes us feel really, really old. [Herald]

And you thought your landlord was robbing you: A retired official at the Boston Housing Court is being investigated for stealing as much as $100,000 from the Court’s coffers during his tenure. Hey, a $44,000 retirement package doesn’t go as far as it used to. [Globe]

The Patriots like to watch: No, they’re not taping from the sidelines. A court ruled that StubHub had to give team the names of ticketholders who resold tickets on the website. The Pats can use the names to sue resellers, find out if they broke scalping laws, or (gulp) to revoke the season tickets. [Herald]

Not so horny: After a decade of wrangling for a horn-free commuter rail line, towns along the Greenbush commuter rail line are now upset that trains won’t be allowed to blow their horns as they go through street crossings. The MBTA’s Dan Grabauskas says the decision is out of his hands, so watch out for trains, kids. [Globe]