Who Will Clothe the Freshmen Now?

If you didn’t hear at the dining hall, the dorm, or the kegger, (or even the newspaper) all 23 locations of Jasmine Sola, which has specialized in a variety of jailbait-oozing styles from beer pong-ready jeans to sorority formal-appropriate dresses for decades, will be obsolete before the year is out.

According to a press release, Jasmine Sola’s parent corporation New York & Company is “exploring opportunities to convert existing Jasmine Sola locations to its New York & Company concept and to redeploy Jasmine Sola associates to positions in New York & Company, where feasible.”

So what do area coeds think about the death of their beloved clothier and idea of all that Juicy Couture being replaced by New York & Co.’s lower-end merch? We asked a handful of student shoppers at the chain’s popular Newbury St. and Pru locations.Patricia: EW! New York and Co. seems so “mommy,” they dont even sell the same brands. What a downgrade. I’ve spent so much money there that my mom told my dad it was the name of my birth control.

Kyla: That’s so surprising and totally sucks because, although it’s overpriced, I’m willing to spend the amount of money because it’s the cutest stuff I can find. New York and Company definitely misread the market. No one will shop there, especially in Boston, because it’s such a young city.

Ande: I hate New York and Co. It’s gross.

Samantha: What a stupid move. I always come to Jasmine because you know what you’re going to get, there aren’t that many stores like that around. I guess Nordstrom will be my new place, but it’s so far way!

Sarah: It’s really shocking. Everyone likes Jasmine Sola, there’s so much color and everything is so much more bright and exciting than the black, grey and reds that New York and Co. sells.

Jessica: So where’s the 7 jeans and stuff gonna go?

Susanne: Seriously?! I completely disagree, New York and Co. is awful, I can’t find anything to fit me there, I’m like a size 0 at that store and it’s still too big, and I’m not even that small. I have no idea what everyone else is going to do! It’s totally my first go to, especially since it’s so close to my house!

Theresa: Dammit! I don’t think it’s going to work as New York & Co. That store makes me think of Filenes’s, but maybe I’ll save some money now as I won’t really have anywhere to shop.

Diane: I’m really upset. Where am I gonna shop for my jeans now?

Lauren: We are annoyed!

RACHEL BAKER with reporting by Boston Daily correspondents BRITTANY JASONFF and DAISY SHAW