What’s News

Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers. We promise the Herald does have a front page, but they apparently don’t want anyone to see it online anymore.

1193056399So good! So good! So good! After taking approximately seven years off our life, the Red Sox beat the Cleveland Indians for the pennant. They face the Colorado Rockies starting on Wednesday. [Globe, Herald]

Good job not rioting, sports fans: Police arrested 12 people after last night’s victory, but the city had hundreds of officers on duty who successfully prevented a riot like the one after 2004’s ALCS. [Herald]

Change is good: In an interview, Mayor Tom Menino says that he hasn’t made the changes recommended by three studies of the Boston Fire Department because fighting the firefighter’s union would be “untenably protracted and nasty.” Didn’t we elect him so he would fight the protracted and nasty battles for us? [Globe]

Wait, there was another contentious battle last night? Former governor Mitt Romney had to defend his cred during a debate last night, with John McCain accusing him of “trying to fool people about [his] record.” Isn’t that what running for president is all about? [Herald, no link available]

Funny, we always went for the books: Cute and homely librarians alike are setting up Dance Dance Revolution competitions in an attempt to woo patrons back to libraries. This isn’t a new trend– in the ’90s, we waited at the library for hours to play “Oregon Trail.” What is new is the disturbing decrease in book loans. [Globe]