Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1193164843Mayors, place your lame bets! Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper (…hee) have made their bets in advance of the World Series. If Boston wins, the charity of Menino’s choice would get Quiznos sandwiches, Celestial Seasonings teas, and Rocky Road ice cream. With offerings like that, we suddenly remember why we pay so much to live here. [WCVB]

Barack Obama isn’t the only candidate in town today: Rudy Giuliani stumped at a $250 a plate breakfast this morning, and the former New York mayor and Yankee fan told supporters that he’s rooting for the Sox in the World Series. Now that’s a flip-flop. []

And that’s Obama, Governor Romney: Mitt Romney slipped up during a speech in South Carolina and referred to Obama as Osama. Nice try, but Rush Limbaugh already used that bit. [WBZ]

The one conservative endorsement Mitt Romney didn’t get: Fromer Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has won the “coveted Chuck Norris endorsement.” Too bad for Romney– Norris is the one whacked-out conservative liberals might actually listen to. [The Trail]