What’s News

Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers. Again, no art from the Herald.

1193142707Menino’s new diet: Mayor Tom Menino will wander the aisles of HiLo Foods in Jamaica Plain to prove how difficult it is for families to buy groceries on the $21 a week food stamps provide. Unlike U.S. Representative James McGovern, Menino won’t actually try to live on what he buys because his point will have been made as he stands before a cart full of ramen noodles and bad cuts of meat. [Herald]

Talking turkey: Turkeys are taking over the suburbs, pecking at pedestrians as they go about their business. Brookliners love free-range turkey, so we’d guess their numbers will start to diminish around Thanksgiving. [Globe]

We’d name it Wonder Downs: Suffolk Downs and Wonderland may work together to bid on one of the proposed Massachusetts casino licenses. The casino would be built at the bigger Suffolk Downs facility, with Wonderland undergoing a vague “new development.” [Herald]

The T ruins lives: A homeowner on the Scituate-Cohasset line is wrangling with both towns and their respective counties after the MBTA’s Greenbush commuter rail line was built over her driveway. The MBTA built her a new one, but the agency left her hanging after finding out the driveway was illegal and that there was no way to build one that meets zoning laws. But on the plus side, she’s really close to mass transit now. [Globe]