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1193250913This would have been a contender for crime of the year: A gas station attendant in East Boston called police after 6,800 gallons of premium were taken from the tank by a truck. It turns out the gas company was simply collecting what it mistakenly delivered earlier in the day. [, second item]

Once you have the RMV, government fails: The Boston branch of the RMV is closed for the rest of the day after an employee opened an envelope filled with white powder. While initial tests were negative for dangerous substances, Registrar Anne Collins shut the branch as a “precaution.” Whatever, they’re just looking for an excuse to pregame before Game 1. []

Don’t let your grandpa go to London: In the latest edition of Where’s Whitey, the FBI is scouring London. The feds are also launching a media blitz throughout Europe in hopes of capturing the fugitive, but will probably only find more traumatized elderly tourists. []

Duh: Red Sox fans are going to lose sleep during the World Series. In other news, the Earth still revolves around the sun. [WBZ]