Breaking News: T Radio is Dead!

Your commute is about to get a whole lot quieter. T Radio, bane of our existence and yours, is gone.


How did it all go wrong?

“Staff has not been dividing the e-mails in specific categories. I can tell you that some customers had favorable things to say. Many had mixed things to say,” said Joe Pesaturo, spokesman for the MBTA. “Most expressed displeasure with the concept.”

That’s because it was a stupid concept. The only thing we want to hear broadcast through the stations is when our next train will arrive, not a slew of advertisements peppered with songs we don’t like.

T riders, who probably lost their faith in God due to riding the subway, are so elated they’re praising the Lord.

“There is a God,” said Tom Augello, a multimedia editor from Cambridge.

Augello is still bitter from a trip to South Station, hearing Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight,” a song that got stuck in his subconscious and refused to leave.

“Not just Phil Collins, but somebody really inanely explaining the back story for that song,” he added.

We can’t get too comfortable, though. The MBTA says it may bring it back “after a period of study.” Which means if the businesses who advertised on T Radio got a boost in profits, you can be sure it’s back to Phil Collins and Ernie Boch Jr. spots. But for today, we’ll call it a victory.