Matthews Disses Mitt on Home Turf

1193255723I went to see “Hardball” host Chris Matthews last night at the Coolidge. He was pimping his new book, Life is a Campaign, and he was characteristically goofy, trenchant, excitable, and funny. But the best part of his rather brief appearance (he had Sox tickets) came while he was handicapping the presidential race.

He ran through his thoughts of the leading candidates–Hillary, Rudy, McCain, Huckabee, Obama–without so much as mentioning local snake / underpants model Mitt Romney. When someone finally stood up and asked, “What about Romney?” Matthews just shrugged.

“He looks like he’s never been on a street,” he said. “He’s a boardroom guy. He looks like he came out of the PowerPoint presentation. I don’t see him hailing a cab. I don’t see him going to a movie. I don’t see him ordering a slice of pizza. I don’t see him doing anything! He’s a hologram!”