Rem Lite

Boston Daily took a walk by Fenway Park last night to soak in the ambiance of the World Series. After listening to a few Rockies fans get booed and taking a whiff of the ticket hopefuls who had sat in line since Sunday, we went against the crowd to get our train at Kenmore, and saw something we didn’t expect.

1193323263Jerry Remy holding a bottle of Miller Lite.

Now, we love the RemDawg. We tear up a little when we turn from NESN’s pregame coverage to the blathering of Tim McCarver just like you do. But we do not love the way Remy keeps creeping into other areas of our lives. He’s on Newpro Windows commercials. Sovereign Bank features him in some of their spots. And we all know he has no shame hawking RemDawg product during games.

But now his face is plastered all over Kenmore station, telling us that greatness is a crappy beer from Wisconsin?

We know that’s not true. The official beer of the Red Sox postseason (and therefore greatness) is Bud Lite. We would have been OK with Harpoon, too.