Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1193337246Major leaguers: They’re just like us! Red at Surviving Grady helpfully transcribes Royce Clayton and Coco Crisp’s conversation about Free Tacos For America. It’s good to have confirmation that actually happened. We thought it was just a beautiful dream. [Surviving Grady]

The family that defrauds the state together, stays together: A father and son plead not guilty to overcharging the state $250,000 for the work they did during the Big Dig. What a heartwarming tale of family togetherness. [WCVB]

Yankees fans just have to ruin all our fun: A pair of men from the Bronx were arrested after trying to sell fake World Series tickets outside Fenway Park yesterday. We’d chide them, but they’re probably raising money to fund Joe Torre’s return. [WBZ]

We always wondered how they did that: Property managers say it’s not easy to display “Go Sox” on the Prudential Tower. It requires a team of engineers, overriding energy-saving devices, and adjusting the blinds. Thanks for putting in the effort– the sight of such hometown pride melts our frozen hearts, if only for a moment. [Globe]