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1193401834Shipping up to Colorado: The Sox face the thin air and humidors of Coors Field with a two game advantage over the Rockies in the World Series. [Herald, Globe]

The Sox aren’t the only team who can come from behind: Boston College beat Virginia Tech in dramatic fashion last night. Quarterback Matt Ryan was so excited he puked. Man, we love that kid. [Herald]

Thrills and chills on the Greenbush line: Officials from five towns on the new commuter rail line have asked the MBTA to require train engineers to sound their horns on the first day the line runs, October 31. If any day is a great day to start train service in a heavily residential area, it’s one where scads of children wearing vision-obscuring masks run amok. [Globe]

You kids behave yourselves: Colleges and universities are warning their potential rioters students that if they misbehave during the World Series they may face disciplinary action from their schools as well as any homework judges had down. [Herald]

Yeah, we know: The Globe tells us that we’re tired. Maybe we can have a story in tomorrow’s paper about how the off day gave everyone a chance to get a full eight hours and that society will continue to function. [Globe]