Howie Carr Loses Another One

Things are looking pretty grim for Howie Carr.

According to the Herald, a state Appeals Court judge ruled today on Carr’s request to work the morning drive time show at WTKK while he and his lawyers attempt to distance him from his former (and current?) employer, WRKO.

The verdict? Not happening.

Judge Andrew Grainger told Carr that he is forbidden from working at TKK while the legal battle between the two stations continues. Carr reportedly signed a $7 million deal with TKK, a deal that was then equaled by RKO thanks to a “right to match” clause in Carr’s old contract. Carr has repeatedly said that he no longer wants to work at RKO. Today’s ruling is the latest blow to Carr’s hopes of leaving that station for rival TKK.

Worse, Judge Grainger told Carr that he’s running out of options.

“This is not one of those extraordinary cases that warrant appellate consideration prior to full judgment. In these circumstances, there is no good reason for opening the door to multiple appeals when the issues may all be argued together as the conclusion of the case.”

Boston Daily has had a lot of fun at Carr’s expense, but we always thought he’d eventually be allowed to head over to TKK. Now, it doesn’t look that way, and we kind of feel bad for the guy. Who wants to be forced to work somewhere?

Still, we suspect the $7 million he’ll make once (or if) he reports back to RKO will help numb the pain.