Red Sox Players: Buy Our Stuff

1193943140We kind of like QVC. The cable shopping channel does have some heinous offerings, but it also carries some of the high-end brands we love at lower prices. But last night we tuned in to see Jonathan Papelbon and Doug Mirabelli sell some astoundingly expensive memorabilia.

Center Field has the video of Papelbon and Dougie’s trip to West Chester, PA to hawk their wares for those who missed it. Host Dan Wheeler seems to be fairly knowledgeable about baseball, but calls Cinco Ocho “Papelbom” several times, as well as pronouncing Theo Epstein’s last name incorrectly.

“Papelbom” is uncharacteristically mellow during his appearance, but still did the jig as requested (though not to “Shipping Up to Boston”). Since he’s wearing the same shirt he wore on Letterman, we guess he’s just tired and wasn’t drugged by the QVC censors. His celebration shenanigans sometimes make us think that he’s an inarticulate frat boy, but he is charming on TV. The reliever took the time to shoot the breeze with a caller, even asking him if he thought he should have been a starter this year.

Doug Mirabelli, on the other hand, looked like he would have preferred to have a root canal without Novocaine than appear on a home shopping channel. He answers Wheeler’s questions with as few words as possible and ran off camera when Papelbon starts dancing. Mirabelli has said that he prefers to go to private signings that charge a flat rate instead of seeing fans pay QVC’s prices, so he may have been wrestling with his conscience while on air.

Dougie’s right; the memorabilia doesn’t come cheap. A bat autographed by the team costs a whopping $4,500. A ball autographed by Josh Beckett is $399. Bargain hunters can buy a ball signed by Dustin Pedroia for a mere $179. Unfortunately, the desire to eat and pay rent will keep us from buying the merchandise.