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1193921252Reunited and it feels so good: The relationship between Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley is improving. The men say they’ve met for coffee and talk on the phone, and have even released joint press releases. Romantic. [Globe]

Destruction of perfectly good beer: The State Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission will destroy 25 cases of beer and 150 bottles of liquor confiscated from underage drinkers. Tim Cahill claims the elimination of the alcohol will “involve something with a bowling ball.” If you guys need any help, give us a call. [Herald]

And now for something much less fun: Do you heat your home with oil? If so, you may need a second mortgage to afford it this year, with the price of crude oil approaching $100 a barrel. [Globe]

A politically aware idiot: Peter Kouroujian, an 18-year-old student from Johnson & Wales, claimed to be the cousin of Representative Peter Koutoujian after police arrested him for drinking in public and shouting racial epithets during the rolling rally. This kid doesn’t sound like a winner, but his knowledge of state representatives is impressive. [Herald]