Batten Down the Hatches

1194026786Did you buy your supplies yet? Secure your lawn furniture? Bring in the family pet? If not, you’ve got a lot to do when you get home tonight. There’s weather comin’, folks!

The remnants of Hurricane Noel are creeping up the Eastern seaboard, and will bring heavy rains and wind to New England tomorrow. The Cape and the Islands are particularly at risk for damage, since winds there could reach 75 mph.

While that makes for a crappy Saturday for most of us, mariners are coming in to wait out the storm safely.

The crew of the Grace Marie fishing boat docked early Friday.”We go home. We be safe and then when the storm goes by we’ll be prepared to go back out,” said Sabastian Ciolino.

We happen to enjoy the coverage of relatively minor weather events on the local news. Instead of suffering through stories about house fires or Britney Spears, the meteorologists get to geek out about barometric pressure and rain bands.

Sure, we can look out the window and see how damaging the winds are, but we like the quick cut-ins that show boats violently tossed around in a harbor. That evil part of us also loves watching reporters get soaked by the pounding surf too.

The best thing about this Nor’Easter? It’s happening on a Saturday. Scientists say our sleep patterns are still messed up from the World Series, so use the driving rain as an excuse to cancel your plans. Stay in bed. Reacquaint yourself with your family. But if you have tickets to the Boston College game, fear not. WBZ’s Barry Burbank says the weather will improve in time for kickoff.