Not So Fast

1193751347Earlier this week, the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority board voted to raise tolls on the Mass Pike and at the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels. The hike that was approved was relatively small compared to some of the earlier figures, but we’re still pissed that we will have to pay more to drive on the pothole-riddled roadways.

But maybe we won’t have to.

A group of legislators upset by the toll hike wants to delay or completely stop the increases, according to Channel 5.

The bill endorsed by dozens of lawmakers would delay the increases from taking effect until a legislative panel makes recommendations about future transportation needs in Massachusetts. . . . Senate Majority Leader Frederick Berry of Peabody says the cost of driving from the North Shore into Boston is “out of control” for average commuters.

A year ago, Mitt Romney told us we didn’t need tolls at all. Then a few months ago we needed huge mileage taxes to fund improvements to the state’s infrastructure. After that idea was scrapped, we found out a Turnpike Authority consultant was bad at math and the proposed toll increases will bring in more revenue than expected. After hearing all these conflicting reports, it’s a good idea to stop and see how much money the Turnpike Authority actually needs before we bleed commuters dry.