The Week That Was

1193768218Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (World Champions: So good, so good, so good edition).

Champs, again: It really doesn’t get old, no matter what Brian McGrory says.

Rolling, rolling, but not on the river: The good and bad from the rolling rally, plus pictures of a fat guy, cute kids and Papelbon being Papelbon.

What’s next: How about we re-sign Mike Lowell.

And in this corner, Sal DiMasi: The Beacon Hill battle is getting good.


Maybe the governor should just get a bike: Because he really can’t seem to figure out how to make best use of his transportation options.

Scott Boras is a… rhymes with brick: Feeling left out of the World Series, again, A-Rod needed a little attention.


Another hike on the Pike: At some point the commonwealth is going to have to come up with innovative ways to make money, instead of bleeding motorists dry.

The things we do: A week in the life of the Red Sox Redhead.


Who says there’s no country scene in Boston? We caught up with the great Eilen Jewell.

Ben, just relax: A middling quote becomes a full-blown New York press brouhaha.

The Patriots are running up the score? You don’t say.


The confetti guy rules: Maybe this will help him get a date with Kelly Barons.

When you have to steal from Taco Bell, you know you’re a little short on ideas: Wasn’t one taco promotion enough?


Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life: And vandalism, coercion, and racial epithets don’t look real good on the old resume, either.

Please, God not another stupid ball controversy: We. Just. Can’t.