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1194006829Good luck with that: Governor Deval Patrick says he may cut roadway details for state troopers, replacing them with flaggers. He. . . does know they have a union, right? [Herald]

Deals for your wheels: Car insurance companies are readying themselves for increased competition by adding new perks to their coverage for no additional charge. Customers can expect better rental car coverage and identity theft protection. Just keep your prices reasonable and we’ll be happy. [Globe]

Harvard isn’t the only college buying up real estate: MIT is getting into the expansion game as well, buying land underneath biotech buildings that abut Harvard. We can only hope the two schools start feuding like the Hatfields and the McCoys. [Herald]

Further proof computers are evil: A program that helps low-income students in Chelsea get a college education will have to shut down because a glitch on the federal government’s website resulted in the group’s grant application arriving late. Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy have tried to save the program, but to no avail. Thanks for nothing, Washington. [Globe]