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1194270123Undefeated: In a game that had us reaching for the defibrillator, the Patriots came from behind to beat the Colts, 24-20. [Herald, Globe]

Please don’t use this as an excuse to hike fares again: MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas says the T will pay $17 million more this year for energy. Maybe some energy-efficient lightbulbs will help? [Globe]

It’s no umbrella beatdown, but it’ll do: City Council candidate John Connolly admitted sending out two anonymous mailings that allege fellow candidate Stephen Murphy only wants the job as a stepping stone to a plush state position. [Herald]

If you offer to insure them, they will call: A help line that guides Massachusetts residents through the confusing process of getting health insurance has been flooded with calls ahead of the December 31 deadline. Funny how when you threaten people with a tax penalty they’re motivated to sign up. [Globe]

Isn’t that thing going to be pretty dried out by Christmas? The huge Christmas tree that sits outside Macy’s in Downtown Crossing has already been put in place. Unlike the stores that surround it, it won’t be decorated for the holidays until November 23. [Herald]