No Rose For This Guy

1194362240We thought finding our true love on a reality show would be safer than trolling for guys in bars. Producers must thoroughly screen potential candidates, and some shows even require contestants to undergo psychiatric tests, which has to be safer than judging a guy on his sense of fashion in a dark tavern, right? Maybe not, since a Boston attorney who came close to being the titular character on The Bachelor is allegedly a serial rapist.

Gary Zerola was a candidate to be the bachelor on the first season of the popular reality show, but now faces rape charges.

Prosecutor Suzanne Kontz said in court Monday that Zerola took one victim he’d met at a Boston bar to Neiman Marcus and bought her a $700 dress and $250 shoes. She then alleged that he took the woman back to his apartment and slammed her head against a door and knocked a phone from her hand as she tried to dial 911.

Great. Not only will we have to worry about how we look next to the beauties auditioning with us this weekend, but we’ll also have to worry that the one guy in the house has a history of assaulting and raping women that we don’t know about. If you need us, we’ll be enrolling for self-defense classes and applying for a permit to carry pepper spray.