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1194356811No stickers and magic marker for her: MIT student Star Simpson appeared in court yesterday in an attempt to get the charges stemming from her September 21 arrest at Logan dropped. Her lawyer says the device she was wearing that set off a panic at the airport was a name tag that reflected her “technological ingenuity.” If she’d chosen to display her common sense by taking the thing off until she got back to campus she could have avoided the whole mess. [Herald]

Proof that looks aren’t everything: MIT is suing Frank Gehry, the architect who built the school’s unusual-looking Stata Center, which is leaky, cracked, and moldy. [Globe]

But it’s in better shape than state schools: Massachusetts’ public colleges and universities are practically begging the Legislature to approve Governor Deval Patrick’s $2 billion proposal that would improve their crumbling infrastructure. It’s so bad that Salem State College had to close its library in fear that its foundation would collapse. [Globe]

Save us, Howie: Boston’s black leaders are upset by the idea that Don Imus may return to local airwaves after his “nappy headed hos” comments earlier this year. Of course, the city would theoretically have been Imus-free if Howie Carr had been able to move to WTKK. Alas. [Herald]